The Stichting Climate Ships (Climate Ships Foundation) will act as a platform for the pro-active conversion of sustainable hydrogen technology into zero-emission ships. We aim to make a substantial contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions in shipping in Europe by 2030.
It is our responsibility to partner with companies and research institutes to strengthen efforts in converting to customised, sustainable energy solutions for zero-emission passenger ships.  We pledge to make the ZEPS Patria a model project for climate communication purposes.
Onze verantwoordelijkheid is ook het schip in de hoedanigheid van voorbeeldproject in te zetten voor klimaatcommunicatie.


The Stichting Climate Ships (Climate Ships Foundation) believes that zero-emission energy supply of ships is achievable by using hydrogen as an energy carrier. Furthermore, by applying other sustainable technical approaches, we can develop reliable solutions for mobile and stationary zero-emission energy supply.  kunnen we betrouwbare oplossingen gaan ontwikkelen voor mobiele en stationaire emissievrije energievoorzieningen.

In a rapidly changing society, the demand for zero-emission ships is increasing from the tourism sector. This trend follows the climate goals set by the EU for 2030, 2040 and 2050. We view the synergy between societal trends and technological possibilities as an opportunity to achieve the 2030 target:

  • A zero-emission passenger ship
We also see opportunities to inform a broader audience about:
  • Energy transition, the European Green deal and Paris 2015 (COP21)
  • CO2 emissions and impacts
  • Technological opportunities for now and for the future

Our zero-emission ship will remain in a port for extended periods. The ZEPS itself will be an exhibit for the technology of today and the future.
Het ZEPS zelf is dan expositie voor technologie van vandaag en voor de toekomst.
Furthermore, environmental organisations will have the opportunity to educate and present themselves to a broader audience.

Through these initiatives, the Stichting Climate Ships (Climate Ships Foundation) aims to contribute to the European Green Deal objectives.