Stichting Climate Ships (SCS): What we do

The SCS SCS brings knowledge and resources of the renewable energy field together through cooperation between several stakeholders:

  • Nedstack in Arnhem: A leading Dutch engineering firm that produces hydrogen technology
    high-power PEM fuel cell solutions.
  • Koedood in Hendrik Ido Ambacht: A ship motor distributor and development agency
    - from Hydrogen Powerpack to drivetrain.
  • JJ Nautical Projects:
    - conversion of the entire ship with all technical modifications and backup energy technology.
    - working to change existing regulations.
    - partner for new regulation development.
  • Hochschule Bremen - City University: Master thesis on the energy transition of a passenger ship.

The SCS has extensive in-house knowledge and experience in shipping.

SCS The SCS wants to establish cooperation between the Netherlands and Germany, using both countries' expertise to develop a zero-emission passenger ship.