Stichting Climate Ships: Who are we?
Bob Bel

Entering the shipping world in 1989 with an education in automotive engineering, I started out as a sailing skipper on a clipper.

A new perspective has been emerging for several years. Even more so in 2020, during the Corona crisis, the political signals are getting louder and louder: We must meet climate targets; hydrogen is becoming the energy carrier of the future.

As founding chairman of the Stichting Climate Ships (Climate Ships Foundation, together with board members Bernt Folmer and Marien de Vlieger, I want to make the Zero-Emission Passenger Ship project a reality.  This pilot project can play a significant role in the achievement of climate targets. Our project aims to realise the technical and economic feasibility of hydrogen in shipping by 2030.   

It's time to stop just talking about climate targets and to take action; the first zero-emission passenger ship is a big step in the right direction.

Bernt Folmer

After studying energy technology at technical college, I entered the charter (sailing) industry in 1992 and worked my way up to master unlimited trade and sailing. I now work as a freelance master on seagoing sailing ships and as a test master on ultramodern superyachts. Since 2000 I have been teaching at the Enkhuizer Sailing School, where I was also a director for 11 years.

Reducing environmental pollution (in all respects) has been a personal goal for many years. Simply reducing waste and using more fuel-efficient cars has been an insufficient approach for a long time. Research and application of modern and century-old (sailing) 😊techniques should be a must from now on. If the Stichting Climate Ships (Climate Ships Foundation) can make a substantial contribution to these developments, we will (at the least) be taking a step in the right direction.

Marien de Vlieger

I completed my studies at a technical college specialising in information technology. I worked in software and network technology at various software specialists. My last position was as a controller for Scania IT Netherlands.

I am environmentally conscious, which is one of the reasons why I installed solar panels on my house years ago, covering my entire electricity consumption. I hope that my work for the Stichting Climate Ships (Climate Ships Foundation) will contribute towards a better environment, particularly for future generations.