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About Climate Ships

In a nutshell

  • Climate Ships is a consortium of distinguished companies from the dutch nautical industry.
  • Climate Ships focusess on sustainability in the shipping industry.
  • Climate Ships provides technical alternatives for individual ships.
  • Climate Ships advises ship owners on the best solution.
  • Climate Ships has all the companies in its consortium to implement the chosen technology.
  • Climate Ships is directly connected to Lloyds, Ilent and Register Holland.
  • Climate Ships is represented in the Green Award committee.
  • Climate Ships facilitates subsidy applications.


Development and delivery of energy efficient HVAC and heat recovery systems

Mavé has developed a very innovative way to save energy called HYPER TP, which stands for Hyper Thermal Process. Integrated with the HVAC systems, HYPER TP offers a significant reduction in electrical (hotel) load of up to 80%.

Visit www.mave.com

Oechies Elektro

Delivery of Peak shaving/load balancing battery packs

Oechies B.V. is an electrotechnical installation agency, which has been specializing in inland shipping for more than 50 years. All aspects of the development and maintenance of technical installations in inland shipping are covered. The activities of Oechies consist of drawing and installing complete electrical installations, on both new-build and renovation ships.

Visit www.oechies.nl

Koedood Dieselservice

Development and supply of engines with alternative

Koedood is taking major steps towards an emission-free shipping industry. Koedood Marine Group introduced the world’s first inland vessel powered by a Dual Fuel LNG diesel engine. Koedood is working on a wide range of products to clean exhaust gases for ship owners and large shipping companies.

Visit www.koedood.nl

J&J Nautical Projects

Carrying out of project plans and specialist in process and project management

J&J Nautical Projects BV has an enormous network within the shipping industry and has extensive knowledge of technical applications and solutions. This makes J&J Nautical Projects BV the consultation partner for the testing institutes such as Register Holland and ILENT, but also for Green Award.

Visit www.jjnauticalprojects.nl

Concordia Damen

Site works and developments

The core of Concordia Damen’s activities lies in the efficient design and construction of ships, completely according to the wishes of its customers, both at home and abroad. Such ships can be delivered as a hull or as a complete ship. Concordia Damen can develop innovative ships through knowledge, experience, track record and a flexible attitude. Concordia Damen has its own hull and finishing facilities in the Netherlands, which guarantees fast delivery and quality.

Visit www.concordiadamen.com

Transition to zero emission

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