Transition to zero emission

Converting to sustainable energy in the shipping industry

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Our mission

Climate Ships is a collaboration between suppliers and experts, all with experience in the inland cruise market.


In recent years we have seen sustainability gain momentum, so an increasing demand for knowledge and experience in this industry is a logical step, from these ideas the idea of working together has emerged. We see that the knowledge to combine all new components and developments is lacking. With this consortium we bring suppliers with knowledge together, and we can join forces in order to achieve competitive prices in combination with subsidy options.

Sustainable shipping

In this consortium we combine knowledge from various suppliers, shipyards and developers. In this way we can come up with a tailor-made concept for every ship. All this to contribute to an inland shipping fleet that is as sustainable as possible.
Who we are

The consortium consists of the following parties

Sustainability in the shipping industry

Climate Ships shares its knowledge with the building or conversion of a new ship to sail more energy-efficiently in the future.

Transition to zero emission

From now on, stage V is the minimum standard and from 2030 the inland shipping fleet must sail energy neutral. This is a major challenge for the coming years.

Climate Ships helps you find your solutions

Climate Ships advises on the best alternative for your ship and has everything it takes to build in or new any technical solution.