Let’s change our ships

Sustainability in the shipping industry


Climate Ships can share knowledge with the building of a new ship or with the conversion of a ship, this in order to build the best and cheapest possible ship in terms of costs, with or without support from subsidies. In the future, basic energy consumption should be halved at least. Many more measures can be taken to achieve this. Think of heat recovery systems, solar energy, insulation, and peak shaving/load balancing, these are important items to allow the ship to sail more energy-efficiently in the future. Electric drive will be the basis and all future energy sources can be combined later.

Electric conversion

Generator set options:

  • Stage V: low emission
  • Green or Bio Methanol: low-emission and CO2 neutral
  • Green ammonia: low-emission and CO2 neutral
  • Hydrogen: zero emission
  • Batteries only: zero emission
Transition to zero emission

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