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Climate Ships advises on the best alternative for your ship and has everything it takes to build in or new any technical solution.

For the ship owner, Climate Ships can:

  • Make quotations for his or her ships
  • Provide support for a financial plan
  • Make a plan of action
  • Provide support for the grant application

In addition, especially for passenger ships:

  • Provide an Art Impression
  • Provide Green Award support

Grant applications

Grants can be very helpful. Grant applications become more effective as the projects grow. In other words, the more ship owners unite in a technical concept, the greater the chance of obtaining subsidies.

  • Climate Ships offers support in organizing and setting up subsidy application
  • Climate Ships offers support for the Green Award classification
  • The Green Award associated with sustainable technical solutions plays an important role, especially for passenger ships

Climate Ships combines projects, which ultimately means that there is a great chance of receiving a subsidy.

Transition to zero emission

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